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Our team will help you win compensation for mis-sold Financial Products. Our services are designed to see if you have been a victim of the widespread financial mis-selling that has occurred in the UK in recent years.

Our aim is to ensure you get honest advice and proper guidance to ensure a suitable recommendation can be made to pursue a financial claim.

PPI Claims

The easiest way to understand this whole financial arena is to understand that the selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) by the banks and insurance companies is very big business in the UK. It is also extremely profitable for them. Click here for more...

Recovering PPI in IVA’s

In short we can provide ‘Access to Justice’ to clients, who are routinely rejected by other claims management companies and solicitors due to their status. All parties involved in the IVA benefit from the increased capital. Click here for more...

Credit Card Complaints

If you have ever made a complaint to your card provider please call us regarding the complaint- we may be able to help. Did your card company check your ability to afford the card? Click here for more...

Mis-Sold Investments

Whether or not you have already surrendered the policy or whether or not you believe there is a problem with them. Although ours is a relatively new company, our team has many years of experience and success in knowing how to win the best compensation for you. Click here for more...

Business Compensation

Business Loan Claims, Missold Business insurance, Missold Business Leases – Commercial vehicles, plant and machinery, printers, photocopiers etc. and Genuine Tax Allowances on Commercial property Click here for more...

PPI Results

Of course we're going to tell you how good we are at getting results, but there really is proof in the pudding, just have a look at some of our best results, directly from our clients.Click here for more...
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