Mis-Sold Investments 

Maple Leaf Financial have a specialist team of solicitors dedicated to dealing with mis-sold investments from, PEP’s, ISA’s, whole life policies, see list below. We are  happy to review these Investment products and to claim compensation for our clients where appropriate.

Each investment case is different and they are all assessed individually. Sometimes we can claim because investments were simply unsuitable and they were mis-sold. In other cases it may be because of technical shortcomings in contracts, regulatory issues or a combination of these factors.

Maple Leaf Financial will review your Investment policies and we will be happy to discuss your individual concerns and requirements

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Mis-Sold Investments : Info

We are keen to review most kinds of life insurance and investments, including :

  • Whole of Life Plans
  • Savings Plans
  • PEP’s
  • ISA’s
  • Life Policies for Inheritance Tax
  • Pension Mortgages
  • Income Protection Plans
  • Lump Sum Investments

In fact almost any kind of plan for which you receive annual statements from a wide range of companies, for example:

  • Abbey Life
  • Windsor Life
  • HSBC
  • HBOS (including Halifax)
  • Canada Life
  • Zurich (including Allied Dunbar)
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Sun Life Financial of Canada
  • All the major High Street Banks and Building Societies

*In some cases, we can also help with policies and investments taken out before April 1988.

Mis-Sold Investment Service

We provide a specialist claims management service dealing with life assurance, investments and pensions products.

Our offer to you is a totally risk-free opportunity to claim compensation for your policies and investments which can amount to £1,000s.

All of our cases are handled by well-practiced specialists with 20 years plus experience in the Financial Services Sector and over a decade in dealing with compensation claims, particularly through the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Most of our clients have absolutely no idea there is anything wrong with their arrangements until we review them. Our experience and knowledge in this niche area enables us to raise potential claims for a high proportion of our clients and just as importantly to succeed in winning a high proportion of the cases we pursue.

We will be happy to discuss your policies and investments and we will let you know straightaway if we think we may be able to help.

‘We operate on a No-Win No-Fee basis. We make no upfront charges of any kind. We take nothing from the existing value of your policies and investments’

What will we do for you?


Mis-Sold Investment: News

Life Assurance Investment Claim backdated 27 years

Our client a Senior Nurse took out a savings plan with London Life way back in 1985 (yes 27 years ago) and initially paid in just £20 per month. Later London Life became Phoenix.

She increased this during 1988 to £50 per month. During 2003 she partly surrendered her plan, withdrawing £3,000. (This was possibly virtually all of its value at that point)

The plan was kept going until it matured in May 2011 for a total value of £18,869. This is the total our client received back from the plan and therefore amounted to more than she had paid in. It had matured.

Regardless of this, our investment specialists raised a highly detailed and individual claim in early September 2012.


Mis-Sold Retirement Case Study

Such was the case for a couple about to retire. They asked an independent financial advisor how best to invest an inheritance of £62,000. The advisor suggested stashing £55,000 into investment bonds. The rest of the cash, including £21,500 in other Isas, would be funneled into shares Isa and stocks.

The upfront costs would be high, and the advisor told the couple not to touch the retirement stash for five years. After paying the fees, they were assured that the investment would allow them to take out about £4,000 annually.


Avoid being Mis-Sold an Investment

When investing, some novices lose money since they do not know how to research investment vehicles objectively. Fortunately, even a layperson can make the right decisions and get the most out of his or her financial venture. Here are four ways to avoid being mis-sold on an investment.


Mis Sold Financial Investments and Redress

The Financial Ombudsman service has published advice on mis sold financial investment complaints and redress to these mis sold financial products. Maple Leaf Financial is a relatively new company,however our team has many years of experience and success. Each case is different and they are all assessed individually.


Maple Leaf Financial will review your Investment Policies and we will be happy to discuss your individual concerns and requirements

Free Phone: 0800 7747624

Email: info@maplefinancial.co.uk

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Tim Capper reports on Financial Mis-Selling for Maple Leaf Financial. Our aim is to ensure you get honest advice and proper guidance to ensure a suitable recommendation can be made to pursue a financial claim

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