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You could still be due compensation if you had rejected PPI. Compensation for consumers who have had their PPI case rejected by their bank or even the Financial Ombudsman.
Claiming for mis-sold PPI or Investments after a loved one has passed away is an area that we are experienced in and can provide you with the support to help you during this difficult time.
You can make claims both against the debts that were included in your IVA and against any debts you may have before the IVA started – Even if you completed IVA years ago.
To find out if your investment is suitable for you and to ensure that you have not been short-changed, we are offering you a free investment review.
We are committed to high volume, quality controlled management of claims with reporting on data, in a clear and transparent and compliant manner.
Our expert team are dedicated to developing vigorous legal arguments and remedies for our own claims including those related to secret commission.

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What can I claim PPI on?
You can claim on PPI. This type of policy is usually paid for in full and upfront to the insurance company at the beginning of the policy. Most loan companies will finance the full cost of the policy by adding the cost onto your loan. Normally, you will also be paying interest on that amount at the loan interest rate for the full term of the loan. You can also claim on the monthly PPI premiums that have been added to your credit card, loan, store card, mortgage, secure loan or car finance.
Have I been Mis-Sold PPI?
Many PPI claims are rejected due to exclusions that may not have been fully explained to you at the time of purchase. Many people who have current medical conditions will be excluded from cover. Self employed, short term contracts and people of certain age limits will also not be covered under many policies. In these circumstances these policies should not have been sold as the insurance is inappropriate to the borrowers’ wants and needs. Some policies are so full of exceptions or exclusions that borrowers are often unable to make a claim if the worst does happen. Many policies sold to protect the lender simply won’t perform when asked to at point of claim and in not doing so just makes large profits for the providers, leaving vulnerable borrowers without protection and further in debt having paid out for expensive PPI premiums.
What compensation will I receive?
Our goal is to return to you money that is rightfully yours. A successful claim will typically result in the recovery of the PPI premium that has been added to your loan, PLUS the interest, PLUS in some cases statutory interest. All claims are different and therefor can result in different outcomes.
Can I still claim if I no longer have the PPI policy?
Yes, even if the policy is no longer in place, and the loan or credit card has been repaid, if you want to query you were mis-sold, we can help find out if you should make a claim. You might have had a loan and then consolidated this loan or other borrowings into a single new loan. You can make a claim on all the old loans not just the current loan.
Can I see an example of a PPI offer?
Loan amount: £28,000 PPI Premium: £5360 Interest Rate: 7.55%APR Loan term: 180 months Number of monthly payments made: 72 PPI Interest paid to date: £3588 This claim would typically result in a refund of £3,588 + 8% statutory interest of £946*+ the remaining PPI removed from the loan saving £5,382 in further payments.

Total claim:£9,916

*Claim amount is before fees are deducted. Read more


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