I’m going to show you in simple and truthful terms;

1)    How this is possible right now.

2)    How any claim can be worth much more NOW than a few years ago.

3)    The simplest method for you to check for these claims – TODAY.


1)   How is this possible, right now?

Okay, so the first thing to understand;

  • Banks have paid about the same as they are STILL to pay out.

According to PFCA and FCA figures – The PFCA (Professional Financial Claims Association) say banks face at least £22bn in PPI payouts. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) says banks have repaid £23bn.

Don’t worry too much about exact figures – the whole thing’s a mess anyway and the figures will change because they’re wrong. They’re always wrong.

The point is there is a MOUNTAIN of unclaimed money. And it doesn’t belong to the bank, even though it’s still in there right now.

Next thing to understand;

  • The PFCA also state that only about half of the £23bn paid out has been to refund actual PPI policies.

The other half is interest paid to recompense consumers who may have been mis-sold PPI as long ago as the start of the 1990’s.

The point is that interest, unclaimed, is different – it will have continued to mount over the years! It’s getting bigger all the time.


2)   How any claim can be worth much more NOW than a few years ago.


The answer lies in how redress is commonly made up.

  • Ordinarily, there are three sums that make up a total.


The actual cost of the premiums.


How much interest did you pay on the premiums?


Simple interest of 8% per year on the combined premiums (and interest), from the time of the policy.

So ordinarily that’s what redress calculations are basically made up of.

The secret here?

The amount of interest paid on a successful PPI claim TODAY can DWARF the cost of the original policy itself!

What would a simple example be?

PPI mis-sold on a credit card, where you paid £hundreds on the policy but you win £thousands back in compensation or redress.

£4000 premiums become a £9000 claim.

There was a couple who were astonished to receive more than £9,000 redress on PPI on a Personal Loan they had 10 years ago.

The reason for the mis-sale isn’t important – the bank could have said they couldn’t have the loan unless they took the PPI; or it could have been a tick box; or it could have been added without knowledge; or several other ways. It doesn’t matter.

What’s important is that it was a number of years ago.

The premiums were about £4000 in total on a loan of £25,000, over 5 years. The amount of interest was huge, as it had grown over the years. And within a few weeks they had redress of £9000 paid out.

3)   OK, what’s the simplest way to check RIGHT NOW for these claims?

The three sums, mentioned above, are where the answers lie.

Should you have any struggles with the following, contact us at www.maplefinancial.co.uk and we’ll quickly help.


The actual cost of the premiums.

This could have been added as a regular monthly charge on your loan or credit card repayments.


How much interest did you pay on the premiums?

If it was added to your monthly credit card statement, and like many you were not perfect in paying your balance off in full, chances are you could have been charged 20% interest. The provider of the card or loan would have compounded those interest charges in the first place, and they should have to compensate you accordingly.

This is where you can end up with really big numbers.

However, unless you are a maths genius, this will be very difficult to work out precisely, so often you are reliant on the banks’ or the Financial Ombudsman’s calculations. Remember this (this point is addressed, below)!


Simple interest of 8% per year on the combined premiums (and interest), from the time of the policy. This 8% is set by regulators. If you were mis-sold PPI 10 or 15 years ago, that will REALLY add up.

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  • Old information is often not in the household. Easy, we can help you get all sorts of your personal records. We will advise you how to do it yourself, too!
  • You’re not a maths genius. We will help there too, both in claiming and in understanding if the %’s in your claim are correct. On these types of claims, all those who say it is ‘simple’ are evidentially talking nonsense.
  • Getting a claim together – contact www.maplefinancial.co.uk and we will help effectively and quickly. No hassle!


Some of these claims run into tens of thousands of pounds!


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