Ask yourself about your Investment:


  • Have I been given good advice?
  •  Where was I placed in the financial firms list of priorities? You might be surprised to find out that thousands of people haven’t. When we look into a potential claim we are not looking for the ups/downs of the market flow theses are called variations. We don’t run performance claims.

We want to ask you did you truly know the FULL RISKS that you were taking and exactly where specifically your own money was being actually invested.

Investment compensation Illustrations

Here are some illustrations that we have seen whereby the advisers consistently misinformed on investments and did not truly take peoples personal circumstances into account, their financial situation, the access to the funds, the clients own and particular attitude to risk..

  • Guarded investors deceived by banks and brokers into buying a high-risk schemes
  • A salesman suggesting that the value of your investment could not go down or reduce at all
  • The implication that ‘100% of your capital is secure’ giving the deliberate impression that you cannot not lose your money
  • Very Glossy Investment leaflets with headings such as ‘100% of your investment back’
  • The provider/agent not entirely clarifying the risks of the investment UPS & DOWNS
  • Financial Products which are not suitable for your financial goals – regardless of whether you have lost cash
  • The selling of products don’t make correct use of tax efficient schemes available at the time
  • Clients investing into very low risk funds only to find out they were actually being traded on something with higher returns and much higher risks
  • Clients sold on the idea of having the money locked away with the lack of short term emergency access to cash or spending
  • The product lacking the flexibility to meet the agreed savings targets/goals
  • The real cost of buying the products isn’t fully explained such as management charge, fees and the like

Each client’s case is individually bespoke and tailored to suit the client, their circumstances, the advice given and a host of other varying factors.




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