Claiming for Deceased family members and loved ones; this is an area, somewhat understandably, that is often overlooked. But claiming for mis-sold PPI (and Investments) after a loved one has passed away is something well worth looking addressing.

First of all, though, let’s take a pause to be respectful about this subject.

We know dealing with the estate of a deceased relative is many things; upsetting, stressful, life-altering.

A PPI or investments claim will not even be 20th on anybody’s list at this time.

And that’s not only understandable, it’s as it should be.

Looking after the situation and yourself is the prime priority.

However…at some point it’s a great idea to give attention to this.

Why claim?

Because – in plain language – if you don’t, you allow the bank to keep your loved one’s money, that’s why.

Why would any of us allow the bank to keep your loved one’s money?

I daresay the wishes of those who leave us would never have been ‘leave the money with the bank’! They’d certainly rather their family or close ones have it – definitely not a bank!

At we will be there to help you throughout the process. It’s an area in which we are experienced. We can provide you with the support and knowledge to help.

From our experience, many people are shocked to find out they had PPI when they didn’t think so. It’s definitely not uncommon. Remember, often it was mis-sold by adding even though it was made clear that it wasn’t wanted, or adding it later without knowledge…

How simple are these cases?

  • In most cases, a claim will become part of the estate for the deceased and distributed in line with any other assets.
  • You just need a copy of the deceased person’s will and their death certificate. If applicable, also the Grant of Probate.
  • We don’t need paperwork from their loans or credit cards. An account number is helpful.
  • There is no cost to you for us to check if PPI was added. The only time you will be charged is when you receive a successful PPI refund.

Don’t worry if you can’t find any paperwork that shows PPI as we can check this for you. Any other questions, we will talk you through them.

The ONE thing to do NOW.

If the deceased had a loan, credit card or mortgage in the last 15 years you should be checking whether they had PPI on it. So this one thing is – contact us @ and we’ll start the process with and for you.

Simple 3-point checklist – Deceased claims process

The claims process is so simple.

1      Contact us; we receive information

2      We complete a claim pack for you and send it.

3      You simply read and return that claim pack in our pre-paid envelope.

Our experienced claims handlers will process your claim, keeping you informed along the way.

And that’s that. You shouldn’t need to do anything else.

You may have questions on some or all of the subject matter – please feel welcome to check us out at

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