Deceased PPI

We can help you claim for deceased family members

Claiming for mis-sold PPI or Investments after a loved one has passed away is an area that we are experienced in and can provide you with the support and knowledge to help you during this difficult time.

In most cases, a claim settlement offer can be distributed as part of the estate for the deceased and distributed in line with other assets.

What do I need to check PPI for deceased family member?

To proceed, you will need to have a copy of the deceased person’s death certificate and any paperwork. An account number is helpful.

There is no cost to you for us to check if PPI was added (*your lender may charge a £10 fee for a SAR* (Subject Access Request) if it is required, for information you may not have). Ordinarily, the only time you will be charged is when you receive a successful PPI refund. A fee may be payable if a claim has commenced and is then not pursued by the client.

Your Lender may charge a £10 fee for this

We are here to help you

We know dealing with the estate of a deceased relative can be stressful but we will be there to help you throughout the process.

From more than 50m policies sold since the 1990s, banks have repaid £25.3bn to customers who were mis-sold PPI. If the deceased had a loan, credit card or mortgage in the last 15 years you should be checking whether they had PPI on it. From our experience, many people are shocked to find out they had PPI when they didn’t think so, as one way it was mis-sold was it was added even though it was made clear that it wasn’t wanted.

Deceased PPI claims process

The claims process is simple. All you need to do is provide us with some information so that we can complete a claim pack for you. Once you have read, signed and returned the claim pack in our pre-paid envelope, our experienced claims handlers will process your claim, keeping you informed along the way.

Many of the major high street banks are setting aside additional money for mis-sold PPI claims, meaning that there are still hundreds of thousands of unsettled claims still out there. Lloyds alone have just set aside an additional £1bn for PPI mis-selling taking its total provision to £17bn which is more than any other bank..

We can check it for you

The FCA is considering implementing a time limit to bring claims and although this has not been finalised yet, it is in your best interest to find out now if PPI was added to your loved ones’ loans or credit cards.


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