Making a credit card complaint may initially seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of ways that credit card complaints can be handled, and most of them don’t take more than a few minutes of time.

There are many different types of credit card complaint that a customer might wish to embark upon, so how these credit card complaints are handled depends on the nature of the complaint. Different credit card companies handle complaints differently, so the end result cannot be predicted, but most credit card companies do want to please their customers.


Credit Card Complaints


Complaining About Fees And Interest

One reason a customer might want to complain to a credit card company is because they have been charged fees or interest that they don’t believe they deserve. This could be because a payment was sent in on time but was registered as late, or because their interest rate has gone up. These issues need to be tackled in separate ways.

For late fees, a simple phone call to the credit card company can sometimes clear issues up. Many credit card companies will waive one or two instances of late payment provided there is not a history of late payments. However, if the company does refuse over the phone a letter may need to be sent. This letter should be sent with physical proof the payment was sent on time, such as a cleared check. This is also a reason that most people should either make their payments online, or should always keep copies of their checks as they send them.

For interest rates, most companies will try to lower their interest rates by at least a little if the customer calls and complains. Interest rates are usually raised when a customer’s credit score has gone down or when they have been late in payment. If a credit card company won’t currently lower an interest rate, it’s possible for the customer to raise their credit rating and then request again.

Fraudulent Charges And Identity Theft

Another reason a customer might launch a complaint is because there are transactions on their credit statement that they did not initiate. These charges can be from someone who has stolen their identity or it can be initiated by a disreputable company. When this happens, a customer usually only has to call their credit card company immediately and say that they want to dispute the charges. They will then give the credit card company a list of the charges that they want to dispute, and may have to sign a few documents accordingly. Most credit card companies will immediately refund this money and begin investigation. A customer may need to prove that they were not in the area of the transactions. Identity theft should also be reported to the authorities, and a credit report should immediately be pulled to make sure that no other accounts have been opened under the customer’s name.


Disputed Or Unwanted Credit Card Charges

Unwanted credit card changes may be slightly different than completely fraudulent charges. This could be something as simple as a subscription that a customer had tried to cancel but was still being charged, or an item that a customer paid for but never received. When trying to get these credit card charges erased the customer should be prepared to show that they already attempted to work things out with the merchant and that the merchant failed to resolve the problem. As an example, this might mean documenting that the subscription was cancelled previously, or showing correspondence that an item was reported missing but the company refused to reply. Some credit card companies will usually side with the customer on these issues, and others will request that the customer go directly to the company again.


The Result Of Credit Card Complaints

Customers should never be afraid to initiate a credit card complaint. Most credit card companies will do all that they can to resolve the problem to the customer’s satisfaction. Identity theft in particular is usually responded to very quickly. Disputed charges may take a little more work, and complaints about the credit card’s charges themselves will usually depend on the company and the customer’s relationship with the company.

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Do you have a complaint against your Credit Card lender?

  • Did your credit card company check your ability to afford the credit card?
  • When was the last time your credit card issuer checked about your income situation?
  • Do you have serious problems paying your bills?
  • Have your personal circumstances changed since you took out the credit card?
  • Have your financial circumstances changed since you took out the credit card?
  • Has your credit card provider started legal proceedings against you?
  • Did anyone explain that the credit card agreement was ‘Cancellable’?
  • Did anyone tell you about the ‘Cooling Off Period’?

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