Insolvency Practitioners

Insolvency Practitioner Service

Our Insolvency Practitioner’s service has always been in forging our own trail and not merely replicating what others do. We do this with a view of getting the best results, maximising income and wins for clients on their current and past client base.

Insolvency Practitioners and Claims Management Companies are traditionally two good examples of businesses that truly benefit from a service that is innovative and secure, giving them the ability to fulfil their ‘Duty of Care’ to their clients. All of our claims, and the legal arguments behind them, are designed to help businesses or indeed individuals to maximise what they get back.

The pain of the claims process

The banks and financial organisations often reject claims, even though they are duty bound to pay back what’s due. On many occasions the wrong settlement is made and can be way below the amount that should have been paid out.

Many companies have a large amount of these types of unrealised claims but they don’t have the full awareness, or knowledge, or manpower, to capitalise and ultimately fulfil their duty of care to their clients. Most companies don’t have the systems, processes or technology to do the volume of claims they have or to report effectively on their data if it was to be worked through to get a positive outcome – on scale.

Insolvency Practitioner Service – the Solution

We are committed to high volume, quality controlled management of claims with reporting on data, in a clear and transparent and compliant manner. This is blended with specially developed case management software, and call and content management systems. It is bespoke to ensure that all claims follow a predefined process with timelines from initial audit, through claims negotiations and on to settlement, with easy to understand reporting at all stages.

Together with an expanding expert team, we are focused on the internal development of identification of legal arguments and remedies for innovative claims. This means we have established new areas of claims which, combined with a state of the art case management system, ensures that Maple Leaf Financial has the ability to maximise recoveries on volume casework.

It’s all about connections

Maple Leaf Financial provides a connection to a range of new and well thought out legal arguments from leading lawyers in their field that do not come with the expense of a traditional law firm bill.


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