The adverts starts ‘There is nothing more frustrating than losing your wallet or having your personal belongings stolen.’ Lots of caring and smiling bank staff in new uniforms and new logos.

Mis Sold Investments

Slippery Bank Card Protection can provide you with complete peace of mind. Just one phone call… blah blah blah.’

 ‘We note from our records that you have not taken full advantage of your cover’
Correction bankers there are many things more annoying and below they are listed;
This is precisely the way that they would sell PPI. The repayment insurance designed to help you repay car loans, loans for home improvements or business loans. The adverts are the same dull drivel. This worthless PPI has not provided millions of borrowers with any such peace of mind. There were a host of hidden exclusions that were only revealed at the point of claim. As if by magic; denar! Sorry love our exclusions say nar!
How much cash do you carry in your wallet? £30-£40-£300? OK that is very frustrating and a horrid experience perpetrated by someone as a thief.
So how does it feel when you pay for PPI premium upfront as a single lump sum payment added to your loan only to find out later that in fact you are NOT COVERED for your particular claim? We have seen many people pay not £30 or £300 out, but £3000-£4000-£10,000 PLUS interest and not be covered!
When they realise that there is now a major issue they approach their lender who as we have seem by the sheer volume of complaints into the (FOS) Financial Ombudsman’s Service (this is to be used only once you have exhausted to banks complaints procedures- or lack of them) isn’t at all helpful in assisting the client.
Poor borrower has been a victim for the misselling of Payment Protection Insuranceand joins the long queue at the back awaiting their time with FOS. Cynically the lenders realise that most people don’t want a fight with their lender as they are scared to complain in case their overdraft is snatched back from them at short notice or that they are found out by their friends for being a fool and getting ripped off in the first place.
As a consequence many people never get as far as FOS as they don’t understand the game and cannot face the paperwork. They just turn around and leave the bank branch with…………. Lots of smiling bank staff in new uniforms and new logos.

Investment Mis Selling

Welcome to banking in Britain in 2011.

 We understand how the banks work and can help you get the rightful amount of compensation for your claim.
Like you were we not born yesterday and aren’t impressed with fancy logos or colour coordinated shirts and ties and white teeth.

PPI Claims News

Money Saving Expert with tips on PPI mis selling : Martin Lewis

We came across a wonderful interview from Martin Lewis aka the Money Saving Expert on tips about PPI mis selling. We are bombarded with TV ads for PPI mis selling and telephone calls for PPI claims, but what does it all mean? Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert helps to explain the facts.

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Claiming PPI in IVA, Getting the Facts Right

Whether you have completed your IVA or you are still in your IVA, making a mis-sold PPI claim is still possible. However, there are differences between the two situations. In one situation, you will be able to keep the compensation you receive from a successful claim. In the other situation, this simply is not possible.

Other concerns also arise when filing a PPI claim. For example, your bank may attempt to use the unrealised asset rule or the offset rule in an effort to keep your compensation once your IVA is finished. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand all of the facts and your chances of success before making a claim.

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Payment protection insurance (PPI) factsheet – FOS

The Financial Ombudsman Service factsheet provides information regarding payment protection insurance and information regarding ppi claims.

If you are fed up with those TV adverts and annoying texts- so are we. See below if we do things differently than other companies that you might have come across. Remember that you can do some of these claims yourself.

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Tim Capper reports on Financial Mis-Selling for Maple Leaf Financial. Our aim is to ensure you get honest advice and proper guidance to ensure a suitable recommendation can be made to pursue a financial claim

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