Mis Sold Investments


Investors hit by mis selling crisis

When you approach your bank or building society to get advice you expect to be recommended a suitable financial product to match your needs. However, in an undercover investigation, Which? researchers found that only 5 out of 37 advisers in banks and building societies gave good advice about investments.

The majority of advisers showed a poor understanding of the risks of investing and made misleading statements about the features and costs of available products, with many of the advisers recommending products that were inappropriate.

Investment review

The FCA who were also concerned with these findings undertook a mystery shopping review and concluded that 25% of investment sales in the retail banking sector gave cause for concern over the suitability of the advice given. That’s 1 in 4.

To find out if your investment is suitable for you and to ensure that you have not been short-changed, we are offering you a FREE INVESTMENT REVIEW.

You might be shortchanged

Just because your investment didn’t lose any money doesn’t mean you weren’t short-changed. Even if the product matured or you surrendered it. Every case is different and we can run complex loss calculations when necessary as part of our initial review.

Generally, where you have already had your money back, there may be still a settlement to be claimed, even if you got back more than you paid in. Sometimes, if you have made a large gain we cannot claim more, but every case is different so let us review your plans and we can tell you.

Two possible outcomes

We write to your provider to request certain information that allows our experts to review your investments. The review will establish one of two possible outcomes.

Your investment is fine and no action is required. There is no charge and you can have peace of mind that you received a good deal.
The review indicates that you should challenge your provider for compensation. If you would like to proceed, we will submit a complaint on a NO WIN, NO FEE basis*. Even if you do not proceed, the Review is still free.
Risk-free opportunity to have your savings and investments professionally reviewed?

● The Initial Review is free whether you decide to proceed with a claim or not.
● We charge no up-front fees and just as important, we take nothing from the existing value of your plans.
● If we take your case on and if we obtain a cash settlement, all we charge you is a share of the amount we win for you over and above any value already available to you.
● The settlement is paid to you in full and you settle our fee at the end of the process.

There is no catch. If we win nothing, we charge you nothing.

How do we claim compensation?

All our clients are different and every case is assessed individually. Sometimes we can claim because investments or savings plans were simply unsuitable and they were mis-sold. Other reasons might be technical shortcomings, the management of an investment or fund, regulatory issues or perhaps a combination of these factors.

Our offer is very simple

● We operate on a No-Win No-Fee basis*
● We make no upfront charges of any kind
● We use our extensive knowledge and experience firstly to find the problem with your individual case and secondly to make a claim to rectify it effectively.
● We take nothing from the existing value of your investment
● Payments are made directly to you and not to us.
● Our success fee is 35% + VAT of what we win for you

*Fees are applicable on claims won. A fee may be payable if a claim has commenced and is then not pursued at client’s request.

What does it cost

We will charge you 35% plus VAT of any compensation recovered for you.

As an example, if we recovered £3,000 compensation for you our fee would be £1,260. You would receive £1740 as your compensation.

Our Fee: £3,000 x 35% = £1050 + 20% vat = £1,260.00

Most importantly, no fees will be charged to you in respect of an unsuccessful claim


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