BT launches a new landline telephone – the BT 6500. This new phone can block unwanted calls from international and withheld numbers. The new phone can also have upto 10 telephone numbers manually added that require blocking.

BT says that this is a responce to their Nuicance advice line recieving over 50K requests per month. Some of the offenders are PPI Claims, Insurance and Mobile phone companies.

Will this stop nuisance calls for good?

BT launches new landline phone to combat explosion of PPI claim calls

A new landline phone that can block up to 80 per cent of unwanted calls, including from infamous PPI reclaiming firms, was launched by BT today.

The BT 6500 phone – which is available to everyone, not just its customers – can block calls from international and withheld numbers, and up to 10 specified numbers.

The telecoms giant said the launch is in response to it receiving more than 50,000 complaints to their nuisance calls advice line every month.

At present, anyone who wants to avoid marketing calls can sign up, for free, to the Telephone Preference Service.

TPS blocks marketing calls from the UK or UK-based companies, but it is unable to block international or withheld numbers.

According to BT, the majority of PPI claim sales calls coming from international numbers so even households that have chosen to avoid marketing calls are still being hounded.

Recent figures from telecoms regulator Ofcom revealed 71 per cent of people had received live marketing calls on their landline in the previous six months despite facilities including the TPS.

John Petter, managing director of BT’s consumer division, said: ‘We know from talking to our customers that nuisance calls cause huge frustration and even anxiety at times. When people feel as though they are being harassed in their own homes they need to be able to take action and block the offending callers.’


Ofcom suggests that customers who are still receiving unwanted calls can try stopping them by signing up to services which will block them – for a fee.

Call Block – the hub connects to your home phone and will block marketing calls. It costs £59.98 including postage.

True Call Call Blocker – it claims it’s like ‘having your own receptionist’ that puts friends and family through but blocks unwanted calls. It costs £99.99 and works best with handsets that have caller ID.

  • Remember, always check that your landline handset is compatible.

Block silent calls – try SilentCall-Guard service, which is free to sign up to be must be renewed every 12 months.

BT Privacy Service

BT customers can sign up to its privacy service which automatically enrolls them in TPS and gives a caller ID service so that recipients can see the numbers of those calling them, as long as they are not withheld.
But at present, the only way BT customers can block nuisance calls from withheld or specific numbers is by paying for a service through its Nuisance Advice Bureau or helpline.

That costs £3.55 to block up to 10 numbers and an additional £4.50 a month to block withheld numbers.
Customers can also try switching their number to ‘ex-directory’ – this means that your number will not be included in the phone book or through directory enquiries.

This is a free service but it will not stop marketing calls as your number may have been shared with cold-calling firms through other means.

If a blocked number calls a BT 6500 phone it will be directed to an answerphone, so genuine callers can leave a message.

The phones also come with parental controls allowing outgoing calls to premium, international and mobile numbers – among others – to be blocked.

The phones also have a ‘do not disturb’ feature – so customers can turn off the ringer or set it to a timer when they do not want to answer the phone. However, friends and family will still be able to get through as their numbers can be saved as ‘VIP’ contacts.

The handsets cost from £44.99 for a single and up to £109.99 for four. The BT 6500 is available from BT, Argos and Amazon from today. BT is also set to launch a similar phone, the BT 6510, in March and it will be available from John Lewis and Currys.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at comparison website, said: ‘This BT6500 seems simple to set up, with services like the VIP whitelist a useful tool. Although time-consuming, it means that only the calls you want to get come through.

‘However, given that this functionality is incorporated within a landline handset and costs just £44.99 – compared to costlier solutions where phones are sold separately – it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind from nuisance callers.’

Dominic Baliszewski, telecoms expert at comparison website said: ‘Customers should keep in mind that blanket call blocking isn’t 100 per cent accurate and could lead to a few close friends and relations thinking you are avoiding their calls!

‘Furthermore, remember to buy the right number of handsets to replace all your phones to ensure your entire household is kept free from any more nuisance calls.’


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