Banks are slowly but surely compensating small firms that have been mis-sold interest rate swap products. Firms have been waiting six months to get compensated. The Financial Conduct Authority, which is also known as the FCA, has stated that the progress has been much slower than they had anticipated. In September, only 22 got redress. There have been over 30,000 cases reviewed.

Interest Rate Swap Compensation Total : 22 out of 30,000

So far, there have been 22 offers accepted. The banks have given two million pounds in compensation. It is estimated that three million pounds in compensation have been built up by the banks.

Abhishek Sachdev is the managing director for Vedanta Hedging. He has stated that the fact that only 22 offers have been accepted shows that the banks have been very slow in compensating people.

John Allan is the national chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses. He has stated because the compensation has been incredibly slow, people are beginning to lose confidence in the banks. The regulator stated that it was supposed to take the banks six months to issue compensation to the firms. This deadline has been missed by a wide margin.

The good news is that people are expecting a drastic increase in the number of offers accepted over the next couple of months. The banks are expected to send 1,000 compensation offers by the end of October 2013.

Martin Wheatley is the chief executive for the FCA. He has stated that even though they are moving in the right direction, he is expected to see more cases resolved and redress paid over the next couple of weeks. Wheatley has also stated that many businesses have been waiting too long to find out whether they had been missold. Banks are eager to get people compensated as soon as possible.

An interest rate swap is a complicated derivative. It might have been sold as a protection, which means that it acts as a barrier against an increase in interest rates. Many customers do not fully grasp all of the risks of this.

The interest rate swaps were marketed as inexpensive cost protection against increasing interest rates. They were often a business loan condition.

The banks have been heavily criticized because they have been slow in compensating people. Many people do not realize all of the hard work that goes into compensating a bank. There are currently 2,8800 bankers working on getting firms compensated. Additionally, people do not understand how easy it is to make a mistake when banking.

Hopefully, the small firms that were mis-sold will be able to get compensated soon. The banks have set a new deadline, and they are doing all that they can to ensure that they meet this deadline.

Interest Rate SWAP News

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