The question should be re-written; can you trust your bank, building society, broker or IFA? We have seen evidence that they are often out for themselves.

Payment Protection Insurance

The recent admission by High Street banks to a period of misselling of PPIhas shown them to be untrustworthy. Don’t forget that this PPI battle has taken all the full weight of the British press, The Financial Ombudsman’s Service, The Financial Services Authority, the Office of Fair Trading the list goes on. It has also taken 8-10 years to get them to admit that what they had done was illegal and unethical and the incredible arrogance has shown through time and time again.

We deal with many lenders regarding PPI claims, several more helpful than others. Some of these lenders are genuinely helpful, others grudgingly so. A number of so called world class lenders do not even now provide details of breakdown of payments on credit cards or loans when it comes to payments made and interest charged on PPI premiums. When they do divulge information it conflicts with what they have told us previously. Are they hiding something? They certainly are. They hide the TRUE COST of PPI that the client has paid and are desperate not to let this get out to the public. We would suggest that members of the public search old documents from lenders and check the small details and the figure work for this sometimes secretly added poisonous PPI.

Often clients whom we have suggested this to have come back astounded to find lump sums of £3000-8— added onto their original loan documents. Then on top of this additional interest is added on top of that. The idea of the Payment Protection Insurance is that it would pay out in the event that you had to make a genuine claim for varying reasons. We in simple reasoning you are more likely to be unable to pay a larger amount with the PPI and interest added into it than a smaller amount without it added on? So the whole thing defeats itself from the start. Looking back during the past few years many borrowers have tried to claim only to have been rejected and still have the burden of the extra amount within their repayment?

When they complain to the so called caring banks staff they are ignored or pushed to one side, fobbed off etc. many people give up at this stage as depression and the futility of the saga gets the better of them. This is where we can help borrowers. Please contact us and we will share with you our experiences and the New Rules in place for getting your money back.

Can you trust your bank?
Can they ever be trusted again?

PPI Claims News

Money Saving Expert with tips on PPI mis selling : Martin Lewis

We came across a wonderful interview from Martin Lewis aka the Money Saving Expert on tips about PPI mis selling. We are bombarded with TV ads for PPI mis selling and telephone calls for PPI claims, but what does it all mean? Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert helps to explain the facts.

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Claiming PPI in IVA, Getting the Facts Right

Whether you have completed your IVA or you are still in your IVA, making a mis-sold PPI claim is still possible. However, there are differences between the two situations. In one situation, you will be able to keep the compensation you receive from a successful claim. In the other situation, this simply is not possible.

Other concerns also arise when filing a PPI claim. For example, your bank may attempt to use the unrealised asset rule or the offset rule in an effort to keep your compensation once your IVA is finished. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand all of the facts and your chances of success before making a claim.

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Payment protection insurance (PPI) factsheet – FOS

The Financial Ombudsman Service factsheet provides information regarding payment protection insurance and information regarding ppi claims.

If you are fed up with those TV adverts and annoying texts- so are we. See below if we do things differently than other companies that you might have come across. Remember that you can do some of these claims yourself.

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Tim Capper reports on Financial Mis-Selling for Maple Leaf Financial. Our aim is to ensure you get honest advice and proper guidance to ensure a suitable recommendation can be made to pursue a financial claim

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