Natalie Ceeney has been the head of the financial ombudsman for the past four years. She recently announced that she was stepping down from the organisation. The organisation is currently in the process of dealing with its one millionth complaint about  payment protection insurance.

Natalie CeeneyLeaces after Millionth PPI complaint

During Ceeney’s four years as a chief ombudsman, she has spent time trying to rectify the bank’s poor handling of complaint processing regarding the mis-sold payment protection plans. Payment protection insurance is also known as PPI.

Many banks are still in the process of dealing with PPI complaints. During the first half of this year, the ombudsman upheld more than 80 percent of the complaints that were made against some banks.

Ms. Ceeney attacked the way that the bank handled the PPI complaints. She had the following to say, “I am disappointed that we are seeing cases where businesses are failing to follow our long-standing approach to payment protection insurance. This results in long wait times and unnecessary delays for our customers.”

The ombudsman’s case load has tripled in the past four years. In the past, they only handle 150,000 cases per year, but now they are handling 500,000 cases per year. This is mainly due to the tidal of payment protection insurance complaints.

The complaints peaked between October and November of last year. The number of complaints are expected to fall over the next couple of months. However, ombudsman is warning that the volume will still be huge.

During Quarter two of 2012, the FOS received 32,000 payment protection insurance complaints. The number of complaints more than doubled in Quarter three of 2012 to 66,000. Quarter four also experienced a major increase in the number of complaints. The number jumped to 145,000.

Quarter one of 2013 noticed a slight decrease. The number of complaints was reduced to 133,000. Quarter two of 2013 also noticed a slight decrease in the number of complaints. The FOS received 132,000 complaints.

In July 2013, there was a report released saying that the payment protection insurance complaints may have peaked. The financial ombudsman stated they were once receiving 3,000 complaints per day. In July, they were only receiving 2,000 complaints per day.

Tony Boorman is the deputy chief ombudsman. He will take charge of the service until further notice. Nicholas Montago is the chairman of ombudsman. He had the following to say about Ms. Ceeney’s departure. “Natalie feels like it is time to move on because we have just received our millioneth payment protection insurance complaint. The ombudsman service will now be facing its own set of challenges. Natalie’s leadership started the foundation for change.”

Payment protection policies were sold in the millions alongside loans and credit cards. Many people did not know exactly what the policy covered. Most of these payment protection plans were sold between 2005 and 2009.

News for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

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The FCA is duty bound to report statistics, the previous article mentioned above was on the 1st half of the year startistics based on the 2nd half of the previous years reports. What has made this rather ludicrous is that financial reporters and news created sensationl headlines that PPI Claims have dropped.

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