Rejected PPI


Has your PPI claim been rejected?

You could still be due compensation if you had rejected PPI. This is an exciting new and specialised service that gets compensation for consumers who have had their PPI case rejected by their bank or even the Financial Ombudsman.

Due to a new legal ruling, rejected PPI can now be reassessed. One of the important changes made was the addition of an ‘Unfair Relationship test’. This test gives the court powers to grant compensation if it considers that the relationship is unfair between the borrower and the lender based upon factors set out in the Consumer Credit Act.

The researchers for the BBC radio program “You and Yours” found that banks providers are frequently neglecting to include overdraft charges that were triggered by a PPI premium taking customers beyond their borrowing limits. The researchers allege that the incorrect calculation of PPI compensation is deliberate and is saving banks millions of pounds at their customer ́s expense.

Good news about your rejected PPI claim

The good news is that even if your bank does not agree that your policy was mis sold, if your case meets some basic criteria, then this new legal ruling may be applied and your bank must reconsider its decision.

Maple Leaf Financial facilitates an introduction to a specialist law firm who are legal experts in getting money back for people like you who have been the victim of having a claim unfairly rejected. Once we have reviewed your case and confirmed that it meets the simple criteria, we will refer your case to a law firm subject to your approval. Maple Leaf Financial provides administrative support which allows your claim to be processed efficiently.

How does it work?

The solicitor will send a letter of claim to your provider. If the provider doesn’t settle, they will then issue court proceedings to progress your claim. In their experience, they find that by doing this, the providers then start to make reasonable offers and your claim should settle afterwards.

The solicitor will act for you every step of the way and we will also support.

What Criteria do you need to meet?

A loan, second charge or credit/store card that has been rejected by your bank or the Financial Ombudsman Service.
The account is either still open or the last payment was made in the last 6 years. (It does not matter if the account is inactive as long as it hasn’t been closed.)
You live in England or Wales.
You have not been made bankrupt

What does it cost

We will charge you 20% plus VAT of any compensation recovered for you.

As an example, if we recovered £3,000 compensation for you our fee would be £720. You would receive £2280 as your compensation.

Our Fee: £3,000 x 20% = £600 + 20% vat (£120)= £720

Most importantly, no fees will be charged to you in respect of an unsuccessful claim


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