Are you relying on an investment windfall to fund your retirement?

If you answer YES to this, you are not alone, another 9 million people in the UK are also.

Nine million relying on a windfall to fund retirement

More than nine million workers – almost one in five of the population – are relying on some sort of windfall to fund their retirement years, according to new findings from LV.

According to the report, more than two in three Britons expect their savings pots to be underfunded by the time they retire, or worse still have no idea if they will have sufficient retirement savings in place or not.

Even more worryingly, 3.6 million workers today are counting on a lottery win to pay for their retirement, despite the odds of winning standing at over 14 million to one.

A further one in fourteen are relying on some sort of inheritance to cover their living costs in old age, while the hopes of one in twenty rest on the value of their homes increasing substantially.

Higher earners in particular have not considered the future, with almost two in five of those earning over £40,000 a year admitting they are relying on some sort of retirement windfall, compared to one in four of those earning under £40,000.

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